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Congress made many changes to the income tax laws in 2020 which changed the forms. One of these changes includes the reporting of your non-taxable Recovery Rebate Credit, YES we need to know the amount.

  • IRS opens to receive tax returns, January 21th(?), we can prepare them for you before then and transmit on the 21th. Not sure about refund dates.
  • Estimates: fourth quarter federal and state estimates are due 01/15/2021. If you are not sure what to pay or need an estimate form, please contact us.
  • Charitable Contributions: An automatic $300 adjustment to income per tax return if you do not itemize.
  • Investment Income: check with your financial advisor what dividends and capital gains that will be taxed on your 1040, you might want to make an estimate.
  • Marketplace Health Insurance: If you purchased your health insurance in the marketplace we will need the 1095A from the health insurance company to report on your 1040.
  • Unemployment Insurance: your will need to log into your IDES account and print the 2020 1099G form to be reported on your tax return.
  • Standard Deduction Increases: $200-$400 depending on filing status.
  • Residential energy credits: are available 2020. Additional information will be needed from you to see if you qualify.
  • Real Estate tax: Did you turn 65 in 2020? You are eligible for a $5,000 reduction in your assessed valuation, and if you income is less than $65,000 you can freeze your real estate taxes. In 2020 this freeze was automatic if you had it the year before, but it will need to be done by 07/01/2021 to renew.
  • License Plate Discount: over 65 and low taxable income can qualify you for two years of reduced fee.
  • Dependent tax returns: did your 16 year old (or older) get that first job and wants to file their tax return make sure they do not claim themselves.
  • Required Minimum Distributions: RMD age is going up to 72.
  • Over 70 ½, and still working: You can now contribute to an IRA in 2020
  • Tax Returns we will NOT prepare: due to complexity/legality.
  • Buying/Trading in Cryptocurrency, i.e. Bitcoin
  • Growing/selling Marijuana
  • Investments in Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds.

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Looking forward to seeing you this tax season.

  • Do not bring us your prior year return, unless you are new.
  • Social Security raise for 2021 of 1.3% . If you are drawing early, the earning limitations have also increased.
  • If you bring your tax information in big envelope, please write on it with a pencil, not pen, we can reuse it. Thanks….
  • We can help prepare 1099-NEC for subcontractors and other 1099-Misc forms.
  • 2020 Mileage rates: .575 cents for business; .17 cents medical and .14 cents for charity.
  • 2021 Mileage rates: .56 cents for business; .16 cents medical and .14 cents for charity.

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