I really don’t mean to sound like your mother, but it’s really very important to keep good records. If you’re keeping all of your financials on your desk computer… your ipad…your cell phone (yes, some folks do that)  or your laptop, make sure whatever you  have is backed up.  As my Dad used to say,… Read More

The balance sheet.  What a wonderful thing.  It’s a report that summarizes the financial position of a business. It shows the value of a company’s assets, liabilities and equity as of a particular day and time.  The reason why it’s called a balance sheet is because the value of the assets are always exactly equal… Read More

The Joys of QuickBooks: Understanding QuickBooks expense accounts. It seems every year I get a lot of questions concerning working with the expense accounts section of QuickBooks. Here’s a good way to look at this. QuickBooks uses ‘accounts’ to manage expense information about your company. One transaction can affect multiple types of accounts. QuickBooks uses… Read More

The Joys of QuickBooks: New to QuickBooks?  Not to worry, there is lots of help out there. I have been working with QuickBooks since it first came out some 20 years ago and have seen the various upgrades and changes to the software. I do teach QuickBooks classes for beginners and advanced.  I often wonder… Read More